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Wednesday, September 4, 2013


It’s almost back to school time again, and St Luke’s will be continuing its ministry providing backpacks of
easy-to-prepare food for Tacoma students at risk of going hungry over the weekends. Our church
provides food for 25 students at Sheridan school on the east side of Tacoma to take home in backpacks
for every weekend of the school year. It makes a great difference for these children and for their
families, as principal Becky Owens and counselor Liz Nyland can attest - many of these students rely
on school for food security, and in order to be ready for success in school, kids need to be healthy.

Thank you for all your support of the Backpack program - we would love to have your continued support for this upcoming year! We need donations of food items (see list below) and money for bulk
purchases. Checks can be given to Cindy and there will be a bin for food item donations placed in the church hall. Food is stored in the area beneath the church office kitchen. Our JYC does some of the shopping at Costco, but we could use some more volunteer shoppers (reimbursed by the Backpack fund) to maintain our supply of food. We would also love some volunteers to help with stuffing the Ziploc bags and to be on
call for delivery to Sheridan – please contact the church office if you would like to be involved!

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of students in our Tacoma community!

Suggested items for donation:
instant oatmeal, breakfast bars, applesauce and fruit cups or dried fruit in individual servings, packages of nuts and trail mix, pop-top cans of healthy soups, microwave macaroni and cheese cups, tuna or chicken lunch kits, canned spaghetti dinners, granola bars, fresh apples or oranges (for use that week), fruit juice
boxes, shelf-stable milk boxes, individual veggie cups or canned corn, pudding cups. The lunch and

dinner entrees are most needed.