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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Welcome back to another year of Sunday school!

September 5, 2013 Dear Parents, Welcome back to another year of Sunday school. If you have kids in school you are probably inundated with papers to read and/or sign so I’m going to try to keep my contribution short and sweet. September 8, 2013 Welcome back to Sunday school! Please meet us by the piano in the Parish Hall beginning at 9:45. Parents can either download a registration form and volunteer form off of our website ( and bring them in already filled out OR grab them in the Parish Hall on Sunday morning. Bring a snack, side dish or dessert to share and plan to stay for our annual church picnic, which will take place after the 10:00 service. Pray for dry weather! September 15, 2013 Piano time begins at 9:45 in the Parish Hall. Classes will come into church at The Peace to sit with families and take part in the Holy Eucharist. September 22, 2013 Piano time begins at 9:45 in the Parish Hall. There will be a short (30 minutes) Sunday School leader’s meeting in the church library after the 10:00 service. September 29, 2013 Piano time begins at 9:45 in the Parish Hall. We will celebrate September birthdays this morning. If I have a full contingent of Sunday school teachers by this week, then I will lead Children’s chapel for the 2nd through 5th graders. If not, I may be needed to cover a class and chapel will begin next month for this group. Things to pray about…I am still looking for another Sunday school teacher for our 2nd/3rd grade class and our 4th/5th grade class. Teachers lead twice a month and curriculum is provided. In addition, I will need a leader to fill in for Venetia twice a month leading the kindergarten and first graders from October through December. Weekly Sunday school helpers are also needed. Mark the correct spot on the volunteer form if interested. Things to really pray about…Venetia is unable to direct the Christmas pageant this year. Anyone willing to take that on? Network with your church friends. Perhaps form a group of parents who can take this on this year. Venetia and Linda Johnson are both willing to consult, choose a pageant, help plan… See me if you are entertaining this idea. Blessings, Julie