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Thursday, October 3, 2013


After over 40 years and thousands of hours volunteering to serve our community through the food bank, the time has come for St. Luke’s to bow out of the scheduled church rotations. We have struggle for the last two years to fulfill our commitment, and currently have no volunteers to serve during our Wednesday food bank time. We have only 2-3 volunteers for Saturdays. There are a number of factors at play here--the declining health and advancing age of those who have faithfully served for MANY years; as well as work and family schedules which make it difficult to spend the time on Saturdays. The food bank manager has decided to run the food bank in a certain way, and the long hours required do not currently fit the schedules of our congregation. I have also come to the point of needing to step down as food bank volunteer coordinator for St. Luke’s. It has been a privilege and blessing to serve our congregation and community in this capacity; and I thank all of you for your volunteering and support of food bank. God has done much work through those of you who have physically and financially supported this ministry. St. Luke’s WILL continue to have a presence in this important ministry, however. The vestry plans that our congregation will continue to support the food bank financially; and our generous congregation is encouraged to continue this participation. St. Luke’s is the largest religious financial contributor to NW FISH food bank! The needs do not go away, just because we cannot fill our volunteer hours. Remember that Monetary donations distribute SEVEN times the amount donated ($25 buys $175 worth of food) and are always useful! Checks can be made to St. Luke’s with ―food bank‖ on the memo line. This allows you to receive the tax benefit of your donation. FOOD DONATIONS, PAPER and PLASTIC SHOPPING BAGS AND RUBBER BANDS Continue to be MUCH NEEDED! There will also be a new St. Luke’s food bank coordinator who will continue to take our donations to the food bank, as well as sit on the NW FISH steering committee. If you are interested in being a volunteer, you can contact the food bank directly to set this up.