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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

St. Luke’s Chorister Information Page Our Sr. Choristers (grades 2-8) lead the music throughout the service. Our Jr. Choristers (ages 4-1st grade) participate in the service usually for half the time depending on the musical requirements.
Here is the plan for Jr. Choristers:

Plan A:
Jr. Choristers process in at beginning of service and leave after the Gradual (or Children’s Homily)

Plan B:
Jr. Choristers come in at the PEACE and stay until the recessional.

Plan C:
Jr. Choristers stay throughout the service.

2013-2014 St. Luke’s Chorister Schedule:
On Chorister Sundays, singers report to the choir room at 9:15 a.m. to prepare for the service.
Oct. 6- B
Oct. 20 – A
Nov. 17 – A
Nov. 24 - Sr. Choristers only sing/Annual Chorister Bake Sale (all Choristers)
Dec. 8- A
Dec. 24 - C
Jan. 19 – B
March 16 – A
April – 13 – Introit only
April 20 – C
May 18 – B
June 8-A