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Saturday, May 3, 2014


Did you know that the combination of all the donation sources and money spent by our local food bank supplies each person using the food bank 3 meals per day, for 3 days, at the cost of 30 cents per meal? That is amazing! St. Luke’s helps make that happen!

CURRENT NEEDS AT FOOD BANK: Canned fruit, Size 5/6 diapers, Adult Depends, Toilet paper, small sized dish soap, paper & plastic shopping bags, rubber bands.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Regular Tues./Thurs. volunteers who can lift 50 lbs. (10am-noon).
Please consider monetary donations to food bank. Checks can be made to St. Luke’s with “food bank” on the memo line. This allows you to receive the tax benefit of your donation. There are also food bank donation envelopes in the Sunday Bulletins on the 3rd Sunday of each month. Remember that Monetary donations distribute SEVEN times the amount donated ($25 buys $175 worth of food).
There is always room for volunteering! If there are scout troops, church school groups or other organizations that you belong to, food bank always has opportunities for service.  Contact the church office for more information!