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Friday, August 29, 2014


You probably remember that title as the Boy Scout mot-to. But did you know that September is also National Preparedness Month, sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security, to encourage citizens to take nec-essary steps to prepare for emergencies. Here at St. Luke’s we are in the process of developing a Plan for our church family. We also encourage you to ―be
prepared‖ at home. How would you answer the following questions?:

1. Does Tacoma/Pierce County(or your location) have an emergency or disaster plan for your community?
2. Do you know how to find the emergency broadcasting channel on the radio?
3. Have you seen or heard any recent messages that encourage people to take steps to be
prepared for emergency situations in your community?
4. Have you prepared an Emergency Supply Kit with supplies like water, food, and medicine
that is kept in a designated place in your home?
5. Have you prepared a small kit with emergency sup-plies that you keep at home, in your car, or where you work to take with you if you had to leave quickly?
6. Have you made a specific plan for how you and your family would communicate in an emergency situation if you were separated?
7. Have you established a specific meeting place to reu-nite in the event you and your family cannot return home or are evacuated?
8. Have you practiced or drilled on what to do in an emergency at home?
9. Have you volunteered to help prepare for or respond to a major emergency?
10. Have you taken first aid training, such as CPR?
11. Do you or a family member belong to a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)?
If you answered ―NO‖ to more than a few of these ques-tions, you are probably not prepared. As we heard in the recent Red Cross presentation here at St. Luke’s, start with the basics. Get a Kit. Make a Plan. Be in-formed. Get Involved. If you don’t know where to start, we have a few information packets leftover from the Red Cross presentation. We will leave a few of these
packets on the table in the Parish Hall. You can find more information on the Red Cross website at The recent events close to home (Oso mudslide and Eastern Washington wildfires), should motivate us to realize that it is not ―if‖ an emergency sit-uation will happen, but how we will react ―when‖ it oc-curs. Let’s all Be Prepared.