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Sunday, February 8, 2015

From Our Senior Warden

There is an often told story about two friends walking together down a crowded and very noisy New York City street. One is a farm boy, born and raised on a farm in Nebraska. The other is a city boy, born and raised in New York City.

While walking, the friend from Nebraska suddenly stops and says “I could swear I just heard a cricket.” The New Yorker responds, “There is no way you heard a cricket in this noise, in the middle of miles and miles of concrete and asphalt.”

“I guess you are right,” said the farm boy.

They took a few more steps when the farm boy stopped, “I know crickets. I went to sleep every night to their sound and I know I…heard…a…cricket.” The farm boy then took a couple of steps to his right, one to his left and knelt down. He removed a piece of straw from his cowboy hat and slowly stuck it in a seam of the sidewalk. To the surprise of the city boy – when removed from sidewalk, clinging to the end of the straw was a cricket! The city boy said, “that was incredible that you could hear a cricket in this noise, but do you want to see something really amazing?” He then proceeded to pull a quarter out of his pocket, extend his arm and release the quarter. The quarter fell end over end until it “pinged” on the concrete. Immediately, everyone within a twenty foot radius stopped and turned their heads – to the sound of money. They both agreed that was incredible.

The obvious moral to the story is that people hear what they are listening for and want to hear and see what they are looking for and want to see.

Our period of transition could be looked upon as a negative; a time of instability and uncertainty; a source of worry and concern; a time of unanswered questions.

Change is not always easy.

Or, it could be looked upon as a new challenge; a new adventure; a time to “go forward.”

We can look inward and see we are a resilient group.

You can see that extremely bright and talented people are on the search committee. You can see that there are bright and talented people on the vestry. You can see all of us are in the same boat; working together and pulling the oars in the same direction. You can see that Jesus is on our boat; working just as hard as all of us.

It would be nice to have our new rector pursuant to a timeline that we set out, but we should see that it will happen in God’s time.

I see the right person out there and I see us finding that person.

I guess if you see it that way – that is faith; the sustaining power in times of uncertainty. However, people see what they are looking for. How do you see it?

Be good to each other.

Chuck Johnston
Sr. Warden