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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Interim Priest in Charge

Dear St. Luke’s Parish,

On behalf of the Vestry I would like to announce the arrival of our new Interim Priest in Charge. Reverend Mother Mary Catherine Mackenzie. She will begin her position on Wednesday, February 25th at the church office. I know she has inquired about our Wednesday services and I expect that service to begin again very soon. We are all very excited about all the other responsibilities and ministries she will resume as well.
She will be giving her first sermon on the second Sunday of Lent, March 1st. Following services there will be a special welcoming for Mother Mary during coffee hour. Please join in welcoming her during this time in the Bell Parish Hall. Unfortunately, I will not be there to attend but know that I am there in spirit and share your excitement.
We are on a great journey to find a new rector and I, as well as the rest of the Vestry, are very excited to have Mother Mary aboard to shepherd us in this transition period. May the Holy Spirit and our faith in the process and one another continue to guide us.


Diego Enriquez