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Monday, March 2, 2015

Search Committee Begins Work of Finding Our New Priest

The search committee has begun the difficult task of discerning a new priest for St. Luke’s. We are honored to have the privilege and the responsibility of finding our next pastor. This is a process of transition for the entire church and we believe everyone should be as informed and involved as possible. First things first: introductions. The search committee is made up of Margaret Hoyer, Chris Huss, Cindy Miller, Stephen Gorham, Julie Christoph, Betsy Johnson and myself along with a wonderful representative from the diocese.

We will receive candidate names in early March. We have spent the last month getting to know one another, learning about the search committee process, and planning out our next steps. Our goal is to be finished by the fall and we are planning our timeline with that target date in mind. However, we have agreed that the most important part of our task is finding the person that God has chosen to lead our church. This is not a hiring committee. We are going through a mutual discernment as we try to find the right person for St. Luke’s and they try to find us.

We want to be as open as possible with the church community during this transition, but confidentiality requirements prevent us from sharing any details about the candidates themselves. So feel free to ask us about what we are doing and how the search is going, but please understand that there are some details we will not be able to share. We will give you regular updates on our progress in church, in the Bridge, and here online. If you have questions, please find one of us at coffee hour and we’d be happy to speak to you. Finally, please keep us in your thoughts and prayers these next several months. We cannot do it all without your support.