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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Discernment Committee Reviewing 1st Round of Candidates

By Austin Williams

At the beginning of March the discernment committee received names and profile information for the candidates for our new priest. Throughout the month we have been reviewing candidate information and meeting to discuss and discern which of them we will invite to continue the interview process. Working through so many talented and excellent candidates and giving each profile the attention that it deserves has been quite a task! We have now moved on to narrowing the candidate pool down so we can conduct our first round of interviews. We’ve posted a timeline in Parish Hall above the Vestry table to explain all the steps in our process and show you how we plan to move through them. Our hope is to be ready to call a new rector in the fall. The committee is excited about our progress and eager to uncover the person that God has chosen for St. Lukes’. Please keep all of us in your thoughts and prayers; we will need your support and encouragement to prayerfully discern the person God has set out for us.