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Monday, March 2, 2015


MUSCLES NEEDED! Regular Tus./Wed. 10-noon volunteers who can lift 50 lbs. to help unload trucks and stock shelves. If you know anyone who is looking for some volunteer hours, please contact Debbie Corcoran

ITEMS NEEDED: Canned fruit/vegetables, peanut butter, tuna, chili, canned beans or low-fat refried beans, toilet paper, PLASTIC BAGS, rubber bands.

MONETARY DONATIONS: Please consider monetary donations to food bank. Checks can be made to St. Luke’s with “food bank” on the memo line. This allows you to receive the tax benefit of your donation. Re-member that Monetary donations distribute SEVEN times the amount donated ($25 buys $175 worth of food).

NOURISH FUNDRAISER: There will be an auction fundraiser on Friday May 8 at the Murano Hotel, to support the entire Pierce County FISH organization. St. Luke’s will be putting together a basket or two for this. If you have any items that you could contribute to the silent or live auction, please contact Cindy Stangl. Auction items could include things like wine, good jewelry, time share time, tickets to events, business services, etc. If you or your company/volunteer group would like to sponsor or participate in this auction that is an option too!

There is always room for volunteering!