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Thursday, April 30, 2015


As I write this, we have just celebrated a glorious Easter Day, with splendid music and worship, children in their new Easter outfits, and the joy of an egg hunt in the sunshine. Now, I’m finishing up final preparations for our trip to Italy.

However, by the time you read this, I will be home again and we will be half-way through the Great Fifty Days of Easter. This time of year can be so busy – more so than Christmas, I think – and it’s easy to forget that Easter is a whole season, not just a day. We are still celebrating the resurrection of Jesus.

I hope that as we continue through the final weeks of the season, you will look for signs of resurrection all around you – signs of new life, signs of the resurrected Christ. With so many flowers and shrubs and trees bursting into bloom every day, it is easy to see new life there. But as you go through your day, look for new life all around you.

Where do you look for Jesus? Do you return to the empty tomb? Or do you look for him in the world? I suggest, that if you pause for just a moment periodically throughout your day, you will see signs of resurrection, signs of Jesus, even. Look for signs of Jesus in the people you meet. Look for signs of resurrection in yourself and in your family and friends. And when you find them, say a little alleluia in your heart. Let it make your day.

Alleluia! Christ is risen, indeed!
In Christ,
Mother Mary +