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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Is it Possible? ~ a reflection by Mother Mary MacKenzie

I can hardly believe our time together is drawing to a close. It has been a true joy to serve with you. We have been through a lot together and you have done a lot of good work. I’d like to mention the highlights here, just in case you’ve forgotten.

Not long after I arrived, we celebrated a glorious Holy Week and Easter. All of the ministries that support our worship worked together seamlessly. The altar guild, in particular, graciously baked bread for our Easter Day celebration and incorporated all of my suggestions and requests into what was already a ministry functioning like a well-tuned instrument. Speaking of instruments, the music was fabulous as were our lectors, acolytes, and other liturgical ministers.

It has been a pleasure to work with our music team, Linda Johnson, Director of Music, and Rosemary Ponnekanti, our instrumentalist. They bring such joy to our worship and lift up the musical gifts of our many talented members. I have been especially impressed by the choristers – not only in their musical gifts but in their understanding of and engagement in our worship.

We have an impressive weekday preschool program that is thriving and growing under the superb leadership of Julie Williams. She does an equally wonderful job directing our Sunday School program. One of the strengths of St. Luke’s is its strong representation of all generations.

During my time here, we have increased the Adult Faith Formation opportunities at St. Luke’s to go along with the small group Bible Studies. We have renewed some lay ministries such as Eucharistic Visitors and Worship Leaders and we are increasing the ranks of our acolytes.

The Buildings and Grounds Committee takes excellent care of our facilities. Visitors and passersby often comment on the beauty of our gardens as well as that of the church itself.

The Outreach Committee continues to look for new opportunities to serve the community and our high school youth have just embarked on a year-long formation-through-service program. I hope you will continue to support them in their formation as disciples of Christ. And who could forget the Crafters and their weekly devotion to their work.
I have thoroughly enjoyed having lunch with the senior women every month. I always come away remembering something from my childhood as they talk about games and recipes and such from when they were young. Likewise, it has been an honor to spend time with those who are homebound, those who are hospitalized, and those who mourn.

We have also said goodbye to several beloved mem-bers of our parish family. We celebrate their lives and mourn their loss. You have been so gracious in your offering of time and food, hosting receptions for sever-al funerals.

The St. Luke’s staff is awesome. I hope you give thanks every day in your prayers for these profession-als who serve the church so well. I have been proud to work with them as colleagues.

Last but not least, you have discerned whom God has called to minister with you as your priest and pastor. Whether you served on the discernment committee or supported them in prayer, you all played a part in it. And soon, we will be welcoming my new colleague and your new rector, the Rev. Marlene Jacobs. I can’t wait to see the good ministry you will do together to the glory of God. And may the blessing of God be among you now and forever.