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Tuesday, September 29, 2015


On September 13th we welcomed our St. Luke’s families back for Sunday school. We had a great turnout that day, over 40 children! The past few weeks we have gotten back into the routine. Many thanks to the Sunday school leaders and helpers who have led and covered classes in September. If you haven’t had a chance to fill out a registration form for your children (nursery age through high school), they are available in the Parish Hall each Sunday morning and can be given to Julie.

In last month’s edition of The Bridge I put a call out to potential Sunday school volunteers. My July/August article did the same. Since then you have seen an-nouncements in the Sunday bulletins. I have sent out emails, made phone calls and spoken to people during coffee hour. Unfortunately, the Sunday school program still finds itself in need of four more Sunday school leaders, two each for the 4th and 5th grade and Jr. High Sunday school classes.

I believe most people are waiting for someone else to step forward to help. Parishioners without children might feel it is the responsibility of those with children to lead these classes. Those with children tell me that they are overwhelmed with responsibilities they have on behalf of their children, like coaching, lead-ing girl scouts and the never-ending “activities chauf-fer driver”. Others are already engaged in volunteer efforts elsewhere in the church. I’ve had people sug-gest that I talk to the many teachers in our parish, since they have the skills to lead children. However, teachers tell me that they are in charge of kids all week and many do not wish to add Sunday to that list. So, where does that leave us? As I said before, four teachers short.

Have you ever watched children play with each other during coffee hour? Chances are that those friend-ships were formed during Sunday school. You may see some of these kids in church in upcoming weeks simply because there is no one to lead their class. Church is a great place to be. It is a holy space where lots of skills and traditions are passed along. There is nothing like hearing our organ and choir and God’s Word in our beautiful church. However, the opportunity to hear the Bible stories at an age-appropriate level, the chance to ask questions and to learn through games and art is something that being in church does not offer our kids.

That’s what Sunday school can do and our children deserve someone who can take the time to plan a lesson and make it fun and relevant to them. The commitment is about 4 hours a month. That in-cludes teaching twice a month plus about an hour or so of at-home planning time during the weeks you teach.
I realize people and families are busy. The reality is that I cannot cover these classes each Sunday myself. Even if I cover one of them that still leaves me unable to support the teachers who have al-ready signed on to lead classes, to lead Children’s Chapel, to fill in when a teacher is sick (or has a sick child) or to attend church myself.

I am really struggling with how to proceed. Please keep the Sunday school in your prayers.