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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Dear Members and friends of St Luke’s Memorial Episcopal Church

Dear Members and friends of St Luke’s Memorial Episcopal Church

It is with great anticipation, joy and gratitude that I greet you in the name of Christ. I am excited beyond words to meet you and to begin our new ministry together. My first Sunday with you will be the Feast of All Saints, November 1, 2015, when we will welcome into the household of God through Baptism Hattie Olivia Pearl Hemphill.

Your hard working Search Committee and I decided that not only would we desire for me to have an opportunity to get to know you; but also for all of you to take this opportunity to get to know one another better. Therefore, we together propose a series of “Meet the Rector” dinners. These simple gatherings will take place in parishioners homes and consist of 7-10 people. That way I can quickly learn your names and get to know you in a more intimate setting.

The Transition Committee will be asking for about 15-20 households to host one dinner each. Each host will provide a few dates between now and Epiphany, that they might be available to do this. Then other parishioners will sign up for a dinner group by date. You may not even know who is hosting the dinner - just the date. Once you know where and when your dinner is, you can arrange for it to be pot luck. Newer parishioners, singles, and people with children, should be especially encouraged to sign up. Knowing a few people at church, really well, helps build community. If possible, please include children in your dinner, so that parents of young children are not burdened with finding a babysitter. (not to mention, I want to meet the children too!)

Let us then open our homes and hearts to one another as we begin a new chapter at St Luke’s.

Blessings to all of you,
The Reverend Marlene Jacobs