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Wednesday, December 2, 2015


SMALL GROUP BIBLE STUDIES: Small group Bible studies are in full swing! BUT it is NOT too late to join! The two groups that are studying a selection of PSALMS; and one group has added various OT Books (Leviticus currently). These are proving to be a wonderful study, with much to contemplate!

The current groups are as follows:
Jim Stangl’s Group: Monday Nights, 7pm, at Stephen Gorham’s home (North End).
Cindy Stangl’s Group: Friday Afternoons 1-2:45pm, St. Luke’s Library.

If you are interested in attending OR starting a small group Bible Study, please talk to the Adult Education Committee! We can help you with all that you need to get started. Commentaries and questions are available for groups. It’s a great way to improve your spiritual growth and knowledge of God’s word in the wayward world!

Adult Ed Committee members are: Jim/Cindy Stangl, Bryan/Betsy Johnson, Raine Bradley. Please contact any of us with questions about joining or forming a small group.