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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Greetings. The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.

As I write this, I am noting I have now been here in the Pacific Northwest for a short three months; and serving as your Rector an even shorter time! It seems longer than that. Perhaps because I am settling in here. But I think more importantly because I have had the opportunity to meet and get to know so many of you through the “Meet the Rector dinners”. I have enjoyed these gatherings immensely and hope that you have too! In fact they were inspired not only for me to get to know you, but for you to get to know one another better as well; and to build Christian community. So often we chat at coffee hour about the weather or the Seahawks - not that there’s anything wrong with that!: But at our Meet the Rector dinners we entertained the question “What is one thing that might be on your obituary that people at St Luke’s don’t know about you?” We had some deep, wonderful and surprising conversations answering that simple question.

In lieu of Lent soup suppers, I would ask your group to gather once more sometime during the season of Lent (Feb 10 - March 26) It does not have to be at the same host family’s home. It could also be a brunch after church or a picnic, but try to stay in the same group. This time I would like to have each group entertain this question: “Describe a time in your life when you felt close to God, or a spiritual experience you have had.” I know that this question is a deeper one, and perhaps more risky to answer but it is good practice for us to talk about our faith, and inspire one another, in the most important thing we share at St Luke’s. Make sure everyone gets a chance to answer the question. Children too! Please let the parish office know when your gathering is taking place.

Sometimes these days you hear people say that they are spiritual but not religious. This usually means that one believes in God, but does not attend church. Admittedly, the church has not always done its job keeping people engaged, but I believe it is really difficult to be spiritual, and to live out ones calling as a Christian, without a community of support and practice. The small groups you have formed in the meet the Rector dinners are a great place to start! Lets together take our faith and practice to another level. I hope you will embrace this challenge. Who knows what God has in store for us as we make this journey together in Christian community at St Luke’s.

Missed out on the first round of Meet the Rector dinners? Not to worry, there are two more scheduled, January 30th and February 5. Or you can form a group of people yourself, or join an existing group. For more information or to schedule a gathering please contact the parish office.
Thank you for the wonderful beginning!