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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

St. Luke’s Youth


Last spring, as the Sunday school year was drawing to a close, Beth Sherrill had a conversation with her Jr. High Sunday school class. During that conversation, the mostly 8th grade group, expressed a desire to continue to share time together at church even though they were heading to high school. Beth spoke with both myself and Patti Crouch-Cook about how we might make that happen and this year’s High School Sunday school class was born. Under the guidance of Patti and Beth, this group meets twice a month (allowing for church attendance the other two Sundays) and has a focus on community service. So far this school year they have prepped food at the Tacoma Rescue Mission, spearheaded a toy and wrapping paper drive for the Toy Rescue Mission, assisted with the Harvest Party, Serving Others Sunday, Reverend Marlene’s welcome Sunday and the Christmas pageant and hosted coffee hour. We have been very pleased with the participation in these activities by our youth and the leadership skills they are displaying. Watch future editions of The Bridge to see what this group is up to in 2016!

The St. Luke’s Jr. High Sunday school class continues on without a volunteer leader. Most Sundays I can be found teaching the class. We begin each class session with hot chocolate or hot cider and fellowship, followed by our lesson, activities and games (Jenga is a favorite!). It is a group of intelligent young people who are not afraid to participate in conversation and express their opinions. I truly enjoy spending time with this group and consider it a gift to get to know them better. Beginning in January, I plan to divide up our lessons and activities into “themes” or “units” in an effort to recruit more volunteers so that other parishioners can get to know this great group of kids! Perhaps individuals who might not be willing to take on leadership of the group through the end of the school year might agree to teach a unit for a month. More to come on how this new organization of the class time is working….

Lastly, we have some fun in store for our 7th-12 graders! These youth are invited to participate in a “getting to know Reverend Marlene” weekend away at Camp Huston from Friday, February 26th to Saturday, February 27th, 2016.

Flyers with more details will be mailed out in January. We hope our 7th-12th graders will save the date!