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Saturday, April 2, 2016


MUSCLES NEEDED! Regular Tues./Wed. 10-noon volunteers who can lift 50 lbs. to help unload trucks and stock shelves. If you know anyone who is looking for some volunteer hours, please contact the church office.

ITEMS NEEDED: Canned fruit/vegetables, peanut butter, tuna, chili, canned beans or low-fat refried beans, toilet paper, PLASTIC BAGS, rubber bands. Please note that if you are cleaning out your pantry, canned goods can still be used up to 18 months past the “use by” date, if there is no denting or rust. Food bank can use these items if you cannot.

2016 VOLUNTEER WEEKS OPEN: Food bank is in need of Wed. and Sat. volunteers to distribute food to clients. There are weeks open. If you would like to help, or know of a group who can help, please contact Cindy Stangl. Volunteers need to be at least Middle school age. Wed. shift is 11-3, Sat. shift 10:30-3pm.

MONETARY DONATIONS: Please consider mone-tary donations to food bank. Checks can be made to St. Luke’s with “food bank” on the memo line. This allows you to receive the tax benefit of your donation. Remember that Monetary donations now distribute EIGHT times the amount donated ($25 buys $200 worth of food). Thank you also to those who contrib-ute to the coffee hour food bank collection. It’s always amazing to see how much comes in each week!

There is always room for volunteering! If there are scout troops, church/school groups or other or-ganizations that you belong to, food bank is al-ways grateful for FOOD DRIVES (even small sim-ple ones) and has opportunities for service