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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Have you ever noticed?

Have you ever noticed that the rhythm of the church year and activities follows the school year? We have the practice of slowing down in the summer, and I think this is a good practice to observe. There is regular worship, but less programmed events. In the Episcopal Church we call this the season of Pentecost, or after Pentecost. In the Roman Catholic Church it is called “ordinary time” which also seems fitting. I hope you are enjoying your summer, by having more time for family and relaxation, and for getting outdoors to enjoy the stunningly beautiful Pacific Northwest! What’s not to love!

The staff at St Luke’s sat down in May and put together a calendar for next school year 2016-17. By planning well in advance we can schedule more interesting events and experiences. These include a Women’s Retreat in March at St Andrew’s House, a Youth ski trip in February, a youth retreat at Camp Huston in September, - all of our children’s and choristers Sundays and family events - planned well in advance. That is naming only a few of the exciting things we have planned!

Also your Vestry has been hard at work this Spring formulating goals and an action plan to guide our work on the Vestry, and between your Vestry and Rector. We have already made significant progress on two of our goals. One of our goals is to: Welcome and build community. Finishing the directory is one of the action steps. In addition we hope to formulate dinner groups to meet four times a year for fellowship and community building - much like the “meet the new Rector” dinners; which were such a big success! Our second goal is to have and promote a better theological understanding of stewardship. And our third goal is to develop our youth program which we have made progress on by planning and scheduling youth events for the upcoming school year.

We kick off our exciting school year on Sunday September 11 with an all parish picnic after the 10am service. In the mean time don’t forget to say your prayers, and use the slower time of summer to reconnect spiritually.

If you would like some reading materials to assist you spiritually, I would suggest a daily devotion. Forward Day by Day is a good resource. Also the Society of St John the Evangelist, SSJE website, and the Brother give us a word link which sends you a short devotion in your email inbox. I also enjoy receiving a poem each morning in my inbox from the Writer’s Almanac. and finally the book: Celtic Prayers from Iona, by J. Philip Newell.