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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Fall is a busy time of year.

Fall is a busy time of year. As I observe the parents of small children dropping off their kids at preschool or choristers or junior choristers, (and I know that this is only a fraction of the activity and responsibility in a given day) I feel a little compassionate bewilderment. I observe and feel us enter this season with a combination of excitement, worry, heartache and frenetic activity.

That is why this year on September 11 we had a special commissioning prayer for our Sunday School teachers; who though many have taught Sunday School year on year, they might be somewhat out of sight on a Sunday morning: Often without being seen, they are exercising their important and wonderful ministry in the undercroft of the church, or in the basement of the parish hall.

We are so blessed to have all of these children in our midst and the extraordinary programs that Julie and Linda have put together along with all of the many teachers and volunteers who nurture our children into the Christian life!

This summer during Vacation Bible School, the children learned of the story of Jesus being baptized by John in the river Jordan. A number of the children expressed interest in Baptism as a result. In the Episcopal Church we usually celebrate the sacrament of Baptism on one of five major feast days of the church. They are All Saints Day, Baptism of the Lord, Easter, Pentecost or the visitation of the Bishop.

This Fall we will welcome into the household of God six or more children and one baby on the feast All Saints. Nov 6. These children will also receive their first Holy Communion. There is no greater expression of God’s grace than this!

For all those loving and possibly bewildered parents, we hope to find ways to build community with you. During the time that you are waiting for your children during choristers practice, we hope to offer a place for you to relax and to get to know other parents. In this busy time of year may the church be a place of refreshment for you, and also a place to remember what is most important in all our lives, a relationship to God - ever present and loving us. Making us whole and renewing our spirit.

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