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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Stewardship News

On November 13th we celebrated our first Conse-cration Sunday at St. Luke’s. Those in attend-ance brought their pledge offering to the altar as an act of worship in response to God’s call to give. This offering at the altar reflects our fresh approach to thinking about stewardship this year. No longer are we focused on “paying salaries and the light bill” but have chosen to think of steward-ship this way: Christian stewardship is about our personal relationship with money, and with God. Each one of us is asked to consider what percent-age of our income God calls us to give.

Following the Consecration Sunday service we all enjoyed lunch together as a parish family. This was a great time to visit, relax, and get to know each other better.
Even if you were unable to be physically present as a part of our worship and celebration on Con-secration Sunday, we nevertheless felt your pres-ence in spirit! Those that participated heard the call to prayerfully reconsider their pledging com-mitment, and the early results are extremely posi-tive. However, to fulfill the Consecration Sunday message fully, the parish needs the participation of its full membership. It is never too late to join your fellow parishioners in this journey by com-pleting your pledge card. Pledge cards were mailed on November 15th. If you did not receive one, they are available at the back of the church, or you can call the church office.
The Vestry and Stewardship Committee thank each of you who have pledged your commitment to the life and ministry of our parish for 2017. We are encouraged by the response on Consecration Sunday. As promised, a full report from our treas-urer will be announced in church later this month.