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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Religion is a team sport.

January 2017

I begin with this quote from the Right Reverend Stephen Charleston Bishop of Alaska - retired.
Religion is a team sport. I believe all unpaid church jobs should only last a couple of years so others can have a chance to try. And every meeting should end on time just as every service begins on time. Finally, if you are standing next to someone you don't know, you are an official greeter and a fully licensed tour guide.

After a difficult election season that left many people feeling bewildered I encouraged people at St Luke’s to let the church be your anchor in these troubling times. Shortly after that a parishioner shared with me that becoming a chalice bearer - many years ago, helped him become more “anchored in the church”. He used the same word I did and I wondered if there is something more to this.
I want to encourage each and every member of St Luke’s to become engaged in ministry. This will serve to anchor you in the church. At the same time you will learn new things, and become friends with others in our faith community.

There are so many different things you can do! If you need help discerning what might work best for you, you can inquire of someone already doing a ministry that interests you, or you can consult with your priest.

This is not an exhaustive list by any means, however, I happen to know that more members are needed in each of these ministries.

Sunday School teacher (about 25 Sundays per year)
Acolyte (those in 5th grade and up, but this can be adults also)
Chalice Bearer (you would be assigned about once every two months)
Lector - reads the lessons and sometimes leads the prayers of the people
Usher/Greeter/ Security
Altar Guild (prepares the altar for services and cleans the vessels) about once a month.
Counters (prepare the deposit of the Sunday collection)
Buildings and Grounds Committee member (meets once a month or help with projects around the church a few Saturdays each year)
Finance Committee Member

You can also form your own ministry! Talk to Jen Johnson about “meal train”, Walt Hansen about opening and setting up the parish hall on Sundays, Fr. Bill Tudor about AIDNW and our coat drive for new immigrants.

Serving other Sundays, Family Activity Night, become a driver for those who do not drive. And many other potential minis-try projects!

There is really no substitute for becoming more involved in your church. It will an-chor you, reaffirm your values, and make you feel good.

Bishop Stephen Charleston also wrote:
“Let us renew our vows of service, offering what we have to the work of God, keeping our sacred contract of faith, being active in the cause of what is good and right and compassionate. Let us give our minds to truth, our hearts to love, our hands to jus-tice. If we can hold these three vows be-fore us, making them our commitment each day until they are the second nature of our vocation, then we can search for truth, reach out in love, and build a more just community. May God hear our inten-tion and bless us each into the keeping of it through the sealing of the Spirit.” Amen