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Monday, February 13, 2017

FISH Food Bank

St. Luke’s was one of the founders of the North-west FISH Food Bank. This is thanks to Janet Wendt and her husband. There were eventually 7 churches serving food to those in need all working from their own buildings.

Several years ago when some churches dropped out and the crowds of clients grew the remaining churches started all serving from Mason Method-ist Church where there was more room. St. Luke’s remained the largest contributor of food, money and volunteer workers.

Currently there is no leader from St. Luke’s. We need someone willing to keep the congregation informed on needs, accept volunteers to work at Mason Methodist Church once a month and occasionally plan food drives. We also need someone able to deliver our food donations to Mason Methodist Church.

Please do not let this be something that St. Luke’s discontinues. It is a serious community need.

If you have any questions about a leadership role, or if you wish to volunteer at the FISH Food Bank, or you are willing to deliver food donations from St. Luke’s to Mason Methodist Church, please call the church office.