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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Advent is a time when we wait for the incarnation of God

Advent is a time when we wait for the incarnation of God. We anticipate Christmas with all its joy and familiarity. We also anticipate the second coming of Christ. We are called to wait in quiet and prayer, and yet the season is often the most hectic of the entire year.

In the book of Isaiah 64:1 we hear the prophet cry, “Oh that you would rend the heavens and come down.” There is a certain human longing that God would come down here and fix this mess; mixed with fear that the world could indeed come to an end - perhaps by human error. In Advent we contemplate both the first coming of Christ and the second coming, in inverse order; all of this leaving us rather bewildered and confused. The Gospels assigned for Advent 1-3 are full of warnings. “The axe is ready at the root of the tree.” Portents and thieves coming in the middle of the night… Fearful things. Not very Christmassy.

Stewardship News

On November 13th we celebrated our first Conse-cration Sunday at St. Luke’s. Those in attend-ance brought their pledge offering to the altar as an act of worship in response to God’s call to give. This offering at the altar reflects our fresh approach to thinking about stewardship this year. No longer are we focused on “paying salaries and the light bill” but have chosen to think of steward-ship this way: Christian stewardship is about our personal relationship with money, and with God. Each one of us is asked to consider what percent-age of our income God calls us to give.

Advent Quiet Day

Saturday, December 10th
10:00-12:00 noon.
Come join us for a morning of reflection and prayer as we prepare for the coming of our Savior! Surrender to the quiet candle lit sanctuary as we listen and sing advent music and spend time in prayer. We encourage you to stop Christmas shopping and preparations for two peaceful hours! Or, if you cannot come for the whole time, come and go as you can! We welcome all to our Advent quiet day morning! Special treats, coffee and tea will be served. Come and be refreshed!
Hosted by the Daughters of the King


St. Luke's is a community committed to praying for one another, and for those outside our community who are in need of prayer.
To have a name added to the spoken prayer list, call the parish office 253-759-3534. All requests will stay on the list for a period of one month, unless the request is renewed.
You may also fill out a prayer request in the back of the church. The Daughters of the King have made it their mission to pray for those people who request prayer in this way.