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St. Luke's Children's Music Program

Learn: Our choristers receive:

  • Vocal Instruction

  • Musical Skills and Understanding

  • Quality Musical Literature

  • Knowledge of Church Practice

  • Earn Voice for Life medals in Royal School of Church Music musical education scheme

Grow:  Our Choristers grow by:

  • Learning about music and the church

  • Making friends

  • Experiencing a sense of belonging

Sing: Our Choristers develop their voices with:

  • Vocal Instruction

  • Musical Skills exercises

  • Rehearsing weekly and perform monthly

  • Participating in the Royal School of Church

  • Music training camps

Come join the fun!  Rehearsals on Wednesdays from 6:00-6:45 p.m.

Junior Chorister Training Choir: Age 4 - 1st grade
Director: Alicia Gehring
Jr. Chorister Assistant: Andrea Huss

Senior Choristers: Grades 2nd - 8th
Directors: Linda Johnson,
Sr. Chorister Assistant: Margaret Hannigan,  
Organist and Accompanist: Rosemary Ponnekanti

Here’s a snapshot of some of our activities this year:

St. Luke’s Pre-school performance on Sept. 19th.

Bring a friend to Choristers rehearsal – Sept. 20th
Organ Discovery Day at St. Andrew’s Church- Oct. 14th
Lessons and Carols Celebration – Dec. 8th
St. Luke’s Children’s Choir Festival – Jan. 27th

Earth Day Celebration- April 22nd
Royal School of Church Music camp- June 25-July 1


Interested in more information?  Please contact Linda Johnson at lingove@msn.com