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Welcome to St. Luke's!

You are invited to come join us at St. Luke’s for any of our worship services or parish activities. Come experience the Spirit of God in our worship and in the life of our community, as we live out our core purpose statement: “Worshipping God, serving Christ, loving one another.”

St. Luke's Mission

Who are we at St. Luke’s? We are a community of believers living out our core purpose: Worshipping God, Serving Christ, Loving One Another

Vibrant Faith Ministries

St. Luke’s is blessed to partner with Vibrant Faith Ministries in promoting Christian spiritual formation here in our local congregation and also in our homes. Vibrant Faith Ministries, based in Minneapolis, has excellent resources that can be used at home and in our daily lives.

Visitors welcome!

Weekly Services are held on Sunday's at 8am and 10am. All visitors are welcome! Come experience the Spirit of God in our worship and in the life of our community, as we live out our core purpose statement: “Worshipping God, serving Christ, loving one another.”

Weddings and Baptisms at St. Lukes.

Looking for a church for a special event? Become involved in the worship life of our congregation.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Junior and Senior high Youth Minister Position

St. Luke’s is looking to hire a Youth Minister to work with grades 6-12 beginning this fall. Please click here to download the full job description and employment application for the Junior and Senior high Youth Minister position.

Sunday, July 6, 2014


St. Luke’s is collecting school supplies this year. We have created a school supply bank here for our families needing help and for families in the community. We are also assisting with school supplies for Baker Middle School. There are donation boxes in the parish hall. Many thanks.


I have been thinking and praying about how to celebrate my retirement and our years of ministry here together at St. Luke’s. I have come up with an idea which I really like. And that is celebrating and singing our favorite hymns together. The music of the Church is such a powerful force that unites us together as a parish family. Music dwells at the center of our worship of God and brings us into his glorious presence.
The following phrase has been attributed to both St Augustine and Martin Luther: “The person who sings prays twice.” No matter who said it first, I believe there is great spiritual truth in this statement. Singing our favorite hymns enables the Holy Spirit to touch our souls in a very deep way. For example, very often when hearing or singing one of our favorite hymns, we are brought to tears. I think most of us can relate to that experience.

 Music is such a huge part of our worship life here at St. Luke’s. We are blessed with two wonderful choirs – the Chancel Choir and the Choristers. We are blessed with many talented and dedicated musicians, the first being Rosemary Ponnekanti, our parish organist. And we are continually blessed by the loving ministry of Linda Johnson as the Director of our musical programs. I cannot think of a better way for us to celebrate my retirement and our years of worship together than by singing our favorite hymns.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Coffee Crew Fall Schedule!

Date Team # People on the Team
August 31 Team #1 Shirley, Angie, Kelly
Sept 7 Team #2 Rhonda, Dave, Barb 
Sept 14 Team#3 Cindy,  Jean
Sept 21 Team #7 Kathy, Jerry, Bob 
Sept 28 Team #5 Roger, Erika, Lisa 
Oct 5 Team #6 Chuck, Sue
Oct 12 Team #4 Mary Ann, Kevin
Oct 19 Team #8 Jim, Cindy, Pat
Oct 26 Team #9 Florence, Rod, Annette
Nov 2 Team #10 Andrea, Chris
Nov 9 Team #11 Jeanie, Tom, Chuck 
Nov 16 Team #12 Jane, Amy
Nov 23 Team #13 Rhonda, Eleanor, Kim
Nov 30 Team#14 Holly, Atem, Dorothy