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Welcome to St. Luke's!

You are invited to come join us at St. Luke’s for any of our worship services or parish activities. Come experience the Spirit of God in our worship and in the life of our community, as we live out our core purpose statement: “Worshipping God, serving Christ, loving one another.”

St. Luke's Mission

Who are we at St. Luke’s? We are a community of believers living out our core purpose: Worshipping God, Serving Christ, Loving One Another

Vibrant Faith Ministries

St. Luke’s is blessed to partner with Vibrant Faith Ministries in promoting Christian spiritual formation here in our local congregation and also in our homes. Vibrant Faith Ministries, based in Minneapolis, has excellent resources that can be used at home and in our daily lives.

Visitors welcome!

Weekly Services are held on Sunday's at 8am and 10am. All visitors are welcome! Come experience the Spirit of God in our worship and in the life of our community, as we live out our core purpose statement: “Worshipping God, serving Christ, loving one another.”

Weddings and Baptisms at St. Lukes.

Looking for a church for a special event? Become involved in the worship life of our congregation.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Discernment Committee Closing In On the Home Stretch

Greetings and blessings to everyone from the discernment committee! We are all excited to be nearing the end of our discernment process and calling a new rector for St. Luke’s. The process has been busy and sometimes nerve-wracking, but deeply rewarding for everyone involved. During the summer we will be visiting the home parishes of our final few candidates to meet with them in person, learn more about them, and see them at work within their own congregation. As long as we don’t encounter any unexpected setbacks we continue to be on track to have our new rector in place this fall. Again, thank you to all of you for supporting us, sharing your opinions, keeping us in your prayers and having patience as we go through this process together.

Plant Sale

We will have a plant sale after church on July 12th. Many types of plants will be available. Many thanks to Bobbie Chapman and the HYC for sponsoring this event.

Thou dost feed us in these holy mysteries.

A Reflection by Mother Mary MacKenzie

Sunday by Sunday we gather together to worship God. We "continue in the apostles teaching and fellowship, the breaking of bread, and in the prayers" living our promises made in baptism. We hear the Word of God in Holy Scripture and in the sermon (one hopes), we pray for one another and for the world, and we come to the Lord's table to share... to share what? The prayer we say after communion in Rite I, says it best, "thou dost feed us in these holy mysteries." We come to the holy table to share a sacred meal that appears to consist of a thin wafer and a sip of sweet angelica; the bread and wine of communion. God feeds us. It is holy mystery.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

St. Luke’s Vacation Bible

Each summer St. Luke’s Church offers a Vacation Bible School program for children age 4 through those graduating from 4th grade. We look forward to welcoming children from St. Luke’s Sunday school, St. Luke’s Preschool as well as neighborhood families and friends. This summer’s VBS will take place July 13-17 from 9am -12:15 and plans are currently underway for this year’s fun! Registration forms can be downloaded here.